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Anything and everything for Manitobans who love animals

Manitoba Animals
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Lots of LJ Communities get bombarded with "animal giveaways" "animals wanted" "please don't feed the animals" type posts, to the point where people are posting to complain about the amount of these posts. That's why this community needs to exist.

This community is for everything and anything related to animals in Manitoba. If you have a give-away, a sale, a want, a picture, a great story to tell (or a bad story to tell), and it has to do with animals, this is the place to do it.

There's not too many rules for this community. Here's the few in point form:

- If a picture is more than 300x300 pixels, please put behind a cut
- Please keep your opinion to yourself unless your opinion on something has been specifically requested (a.k.a. no "flaming" please)
3 strikes, you're out is going to be the banning rule here
- Posting is for members only. Once the moderator gets the email to add you to the community, chances are better than good that you'll
get membership